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CRISIL executive training

Over the past 13 years, we have conducted over 4,000 training programmes for various banking, financial and corporate sector entities.

These include leading public, private and foreign banks, non-banking finance companies, corporates, mutual funds, insurance companies, broking/ investment banks, academic institutions and other intermediaries.

These sessions have covered around 40,000 professionals, a chunk of them from overseas, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and African countries.

The feedback has been excellent, with an average 4.46 on a scale of 5 for programmes conducted in 2017.

The CRISIL training edge

CRISIL’s rich experience

Our learning and experiences from many years of work in credit analysis, risk management, industry analysis, analytical writing, analysing corporates and SMEs

Market relevant programmes

Programs conducted relevant to the current context like “Transition to BASEL III” and “Implications of Ind AS”

Experienced faculty

Comprising internal and external trainers with rich experience of more than 25 years in relevant areas.

Tools & techniques

Such as case studies, role play, quiz, exercises and other pedagogy to fully involve participants are used, thereby enhancing skill development


Get started with interactive learning

Real life case studies

Expert Speak

Process flows

Interactive examples

Animations & Characters


About platform

This is a new-age learning platform where the choice to learn is entirely yours That’s so unlike a traditional learning management system where courses are forced upon the user, to be completed in a specific timeframe.

Among the unique features:

  • Powerful recommendation engine that profiles the user and feeds on his learning history, peer comparison, and recommendations of peers and coaches
  • Video lectures that obviate the need to travel to a training location through live lectures
  • Coach at hand at any time during the course, to take on all your queries
  • Peer comparison for a user to track his/her learning index by taking various tests, comparing scores with peers and benchmarking to industry averages

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